Writing Challenge Idea: Writing A Story Based on A Thought Experiment

This thought experiment was inspired by Multiverse Theory, Linguistics (Syntax & Semantics), Airforceproud95’s Youtube Channel and The Big Four Thrash Metal Bands. Let’s dive into the specific role of each influence in hope that all of you my fellow readers might obtain a better understanding of this thought experiment and the established product of it.

Beginning with Airforceproud95’s Youtube Channel and The Big Four Thrash Metal Bands, well, not much. They were the sources of most of the words and phrases being used in the final result of this thought experiment, which is a story…sort of. Each contributed to the…ehm…drunk and poetic nature of the story. I think that’s all for them. Credits to each since they’ve provided wide-ass phrases and vocabularies.

Now this is the major core of this thought experiment: Linguistics. A language, according to Ferdinand de Saussure, consists of two complementary elements in nature, syntax and semantics. What is syntax? What is semantics? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (again):

Definition of syntax

1a: the way in which linguistic elements (such as words) are put together to form constituents (such as phrases or clauses)

b: the part of grammar dealing with this

2: a connected or orderly system : harmonious arrangement of parts or elements

Definition of semantics

1: the study of meanings:

a: the historical and psychological study and the classification of changes in the signification of words or forms viewed as factors in linguistic development


(2): a branch of semiotics dealing with the relations between signs and what they refer to and including theories of denotation, extension, naming, and truth

According to definition (1) of syntax and both definition (1) and (2) of semantics, a language system is formed if and only if both of those two elements are present in the established communication system. In fact, let’s check out the definition of language in the same dictionary:

Definition of language

1a: the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them used and understood by a community

According to previously displayed definition of language, syntax presents itself as “the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them” while semantics concludes the whole statement with a requirement that the former aspects must be “understood by a community”. An obvious example is…well…this post. Written in English, I wrote this whole thing with regards to both syntax and semantics of the English language. If I didn’t care about either one of them, let alone both, you wouldn’t be able to understand my explanations, would you? (Nah, fuck it. I’ve never guaranteed profound understanding of anything I’ve said anyway, even if I made no mistake in both elements of this language. If you get my point, good. If not, no big deal.)

And now, last but not least, uh… about the Multiverse Theory thing, also widely known as Parallel Universe. I guess the name speaks for itself; multiple universe. The theory suggests that our universe is not the only existing universe at the time and there are infinite universe bubbles filling the “space” of another dimension, higher than ours. With that being said, and assuming that the multiverse idea is true, a simple mathematical deductive reasoning can be presented.

The story which is featured below is written in English. No violation against syntax but a total mess in terms of semantics…in OUR universe. BUT again, considering the concept of multiverse is true:

  1. If n is the probability of the following story making any sense in a universe (a minute number but not zero)
  2. If ~. is defined as infinity, which is the “number” of existing universe in a multiverse system
  3. And p is the probability of the following story making sense in a multiverse system
  4. Thus, p = n*~.= ~..

Yes, a small fraction of an infinity (notated by “~.”) is another form of infinity (notated by “~..”) indeed. Same value? Absolutely not. Still infinite? Hell, yes.

And finally, based on all of the above explanations about each influence respectively, it is our right to conclude that somewhere out there, this following story which is arguably classified as “nonsense” in our space-time…makes prefect sense. Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present my original-untitled story, the product of my conducted thought experiment:

“Watch it! A hot air balloon have just smashed a botanical dingo. Bingo! Goddamn Jingo, always hammered, just like a toad on the moon. Too soon? Nah, give it no shit. You better leave.”

Give it! A botanical toad have just hammered a hot moon shit. Jingo! Goddamn dingo, always smashed, just like a Bingo on the watch. You too? Nah, no botanical air balloon. Better leave soon.

“Stand down! A mango have just wrecked a hairy baboon. Django! Fucking Gringos, always nailed, just like a goon on the road. Too long? Yeah, take no shit. You better live.”

You shit! A Django have just nailed a hairy goon. Mango! Fucking baboon, always wrecked, just like the Gringos on a take. You too? Yeah, better live long. No stand down.

“Gear down? Pitch up! Turn right and do a decent bank!”

Gear up? Pitch down! Bank right and do a decent turn!

“Great god! The bitch fucked the imbecile! He pounded harder, she climaxed!”

She fucked harder, he climaxed! The god pounded the imbecile! Great bitch!

Listen mate. No black light had ever split a condensed idea into two pieces. Potatoes are improbable to get along with while a kid with an open mic can possibly strike a tower. As far as I’’m concerned, a captain might as well wipe his face with a camel’s ass. No toes required in the process. Alright, I now recommend all of you to express profane mating calls. Leave the giraffes alone.

“Hey, wait. Why am I attracted to the hooves of a minotaur?”, said the air traffic controller on duty. A bunch of hammered chimps now must think of an answer. One of those clowns finally spit out a bunch of words:

“Well, his name is Ben, and he likes to fuck horses.”

Wait, wait! I request permission to have a little beer. As well as a birth certificate, please. Exorcism required. Uh, oh. Son, I’m going to ask you to take your medication. Scream if you will. Now repeat after me:

“Thanks boss, have a good one.”

WHOA! Am I inverted? Am I cleared to eat shit and die? Or simply to go straight into the drink? I just saw a light bulb break the sound barrier with batteries… up, technically? Sir, can you spawn somewhere else? An animal have just had its tail clipped. By SATAN! Oh, hell, I don’t even know what is happening right now.

Help me please. Just leave me alone. My personal bubble, my most valued possession. Free me from this commotion, good god.

“Do you have anything to say to the queen?”

… dead silence…

“Emily?” “What?” “No, Mr. Crowley!”

Excessive. Dying. Dead. There ya go, man down. Shoot me some. It’s heroin time! Yep. Snort a line to get myself fine. Watch as I impersonate a dolphin’s breeding habit. We’re both mammals, aren’t we? I’ve actually done it once but i sounded like a cat getting impaled by a light pole. Surrounded by bumblebees flying backwards. Faith in this session… lost again.

Predict the input, young lady. Choose your priority. You can’t swallow all jeez at once. One man at a time, please. I’m offering you a pair of nut to be licked, along with the infamous nut sacks. Then you can choke yourself to death anyway you want. Don’t forget to invite your friends as well. They must be fun at parties.

Ma’am. You mangled their faces, leaving no remaining features. Your missile’s a cold piece of blood lethal steel. Your left hand is the law. Okay, I get it. Their punishment might be death. Wait who are “they” anyway? Oh, it’s the Indians. Trapped inside where time stands still, no one leaves and no one will. A never changing full moon labeling brutally massacred people as mentally deranged? Bloody tombs might be a good decoration for the room of your dreams. Mind residual producing a set of executions and sadist rituals.

Don’t you find it funny when “Fix You” is the title of a Coldplay song while “Fix Me!” is a line in Metallica’s song “Master of Puppets”? A phrase can both take a walk on part on the war and a lead role in the cage, quoted from Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”.




“PUT ON SOME MUSIC DUDE!”- Blue Angel Six… again?

Finally, thank you for your acknowledgement. This is not an Airshow, it’s a Shit Show.

N.B: Meu pau é duro. Posso fazer sexo com você?

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